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Span Aperture

Commercial – Editorial – Fine Art – Private Commission

Relentless in our pursuit to produce distinctive and unique image sets for our clients, our aim is to always collaborate closely in order to more than just fulfil the specifications of your commission.

What sets Span-Aperture apart is to always explore what's visually possible with the subject and settings available in order to exceed your expectations and create truly memorable work together.

Having studied Automotive Engineering at University, as well as working in Motorsport and Motorcycle Industries for a number of years, Billy has a naturally instinctive technical eye for detail. This experience allows him to efficiently communicate when planning and carrying out a shoot, maximising on the time available, as well as allowing Billy to fully appreciate, and in turn capture, the passion, workmanship and detail that has gone into your project, and effectively convey the message or story you wish your target audience to visually ingest.

Whether you are looking for a striking key piece for publication or advertisement, increasing the cost effectiveness and impact of social media campaigns by maximising organic reach, or simply a feature wall piece for your home or business premises, Span-Aperture will compliment your metallic artwork with a printable version to always admire.

We've worked with top motorsports brands such as:

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